How do I see things differently?

Coming home, I look at the world through different eyes thanks to our tour.  Touching down at SFO, I felt so blessed to have the freedom I enjoy to live with enough food in my belly, with safety, with privilege.  I remember my brothers and sisters who have suffered so under Jim Crow and slavery.  I think of the many in the USA and the world who still suffer.  As a woman and a disabled person, I am grateful to the heroes and “sheroes” who made the rights and accommodations I enjoy today possible.  I vow today to continue the work of human rights and justice for all.

What’s it like for you?

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Remembering Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

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Thank you to our fearless leaders!

This gallery contains 4 photos.

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What to do with blog?

So far I have just recorded quick notes and photos. Mary’s photos will be up on blog when she has uploaded to flicker. Ain’t technology grand?

Please enter your memories, reflections and comments at the end of each posting. See the “Leave a comment” link and click and have fun!

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We’re home and on to our “normal” lives!

Our bus rolled into Rockville late last night. 12:15 AM. Cold! Sleepy and eager to get home, we said quick goodbyes. And now this morning I think: how did you all sleep? What are you having for breakfast? Are you hot or cold? What meaningful experience will we have today? But you are not here! I am so grateful for our caring and respectful group. How are you this morning?

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Fellowship and FOOD!

What great meals we shared! What was your favorite dish ? Meal? Restaurant? Here are some of mine.




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Day 6: National Underground Railroad Museum. Cincinnati , Ohio





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